Whether at Namboole or not, we shall hold the Kyarenga album launch pretty soon“, says Bobi Wine as he reveals his next plans to ensure his concert happens.

Having known Bobi Wine for too long, we are aware that once he sets his mind onto something, he will put all his efforts to it and nothing under the sun can stop him.

His Kyarenga Concert seems to be in a swing after constant reschedules and sections of his fans and followers have started losing the faith in it ever happening. What would you do if you were Bobi Wine?

Kyarenga concert had been rescheduled twice before eventually being canceled on Saturday 20th October

Well, first, he has identified the reason behind all these blocks to be connected to the regime in power, the government, which he believes will do anything in their reach to frustrate his career.

Bobi Wine also says that the management of Namboole stadium is under pressure with orders from above not to allow him to hold his concert from the venue.

Bobi now calls upon all artistes to stand and rally behind him in the fight for the rights of the music industry as a whole. He points out that this is not a direct attack on him individually but one on all those with future dreams of taking his path.

He also cares to note that his fans should keep the faith because the concert in prospect has to happen whether at Namboole or not.

Where else could he take this concert then? Any place that can handle mammoth crowds. We don’t know where as yet, but we shall keep you updated once he states another venue and for the good of the industry we hope he achieves his goals.

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