When Lulu Jamimah took the bold decision to marry herself on a $2.2 budget, little did she know that her actions would then attract media attention of all sorts; both good and bad sentiments from the pubic.

Lulu, a Ugandan aged 32 and currently at the Oxford University decided to marry herself because of the intense pressure from her family.

Alternatively she wanted to find a way of accomplishing her dream of finishing the Masters in Arts that she is currently pursuing.

Now, two Ugandans have stepped up to reincarnate her wedding with intentions to support her cause. Radio personality, Siima Sabiti Kanyindo and Bernard Mukasa started from what would have been a Twitter conversation to attract a pool of brands to their #KaBernzWedding.

The #KaBernzWedding is set to takeplace at the Square as a fundraiser for Lulu Jemimah. The tickets will go for as much as UGX 30,000 for those coming after 7pm and 10k (5pm to 7pm).

Several brands and individuals have stepped up to be part of the cause by giving free services for the event as well as contributing money.

On the brighter side, for the two months that Lulu’s GoFundMe campaign has been up, she has so far raised a total of £6,059 out of her £10,019 goal by the time we published this article.

You can also contribute to Lulu’s cause by donating to her GoFundMe below
(insert –https://www.gofundme.com/kzysnz-this-is-my-love-story )

The #KaBernzWedding news left Lulu Jemimah in utter shock for she knew neither of these two headliners but was quick to appreciate the support she’s fast garnering. She also says a company has asked to book her air tickets for her travel from Oxford to Kampala and otherwise.

All the best, Jemimah!

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