We all know her for energetic performances, exciting music, and such a humbling life story, but did you know that Cindy Sanyu knows so much about makeup?

Away from her busy music and parenting schedules, Cindy Sanyu takes time off to look after her sexy body and take care of her beauty.

She reveals that every woman should find a day, or at least some few hours to let their skins breathe without the usual heavy makeup on their faces.

Cindy Sanyu

The dancehall diva emphasizes that make up damages the skin overtime and so they need to have cleansers to wipe away the makeup and exfoliate for better skins.

“When you wear makeup often it really damages the skin so you really need a good cleanser and mask”.

Cindy Sanyu

She also owns a gym and she always shares many tips on how to live a healthy life based on working out. You must have come across several videos of her sweating it.

It all counts in the end because what’s a good voice without a beautiful face and body?

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