Singer Big Eye pledged one million shillings to see his home village mosque get a new facelift.

Big Eye made the pledge while at a family’s Duwa prayers at one of his grandmother’s village in Zigoti along Saala Mityana road.

During the Duwa prayers

Yesterday I attended family DUWA prayers at one of my granny’s village in Zigoti Saala mityana Rd. I pledged UGX 1,000,000/= to the village mosque to help in the building of a better mosque

Big Eye

But surprisingly the singer got a backlash from his followers for writing wrong figures on his social media pages with others pinning him for revealing such information to the public.

Below are some the comments that we scrolled through as fans bashed Big Eye for his act.

Berna Sophie: “Can’t that one be your secret? If u pledged to give back to Allah, why do you announce. Leero gwe naawe oba wabaaki?”

Nakamate Rita: “Tuswaleko, some things are better kept to yourself. People have given more and just kept it to themselves”.

Rastah Ivunovic Fativan Bagela: “Kasasiro. If you’ve pledged the 1m and decided to come and the world yet there are some people who give millions and billions but can’t announce as you have done. Shame upon you.”

Precious Kimuli: “That figure is not there in shillings. did u mean 100,000shs or 1.000.000 shs”

Khadira Juliana Olga Nalubega: “You managed to take pics when sitting but you did not manage to take pics when giving there money. Action is better than words”

Aisha Aisha: “Did u need to put this hear if u give any thing to Islam u give to Allah not pipo no need to post this”

Mustapher Yasin:  “They don’t talk that in public it’s ur secret with Allah”

Betty Nalubowa: “Showbiz,check and see wht de bible talk abt p’ple like you”

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