Popular dancer Ibra Buwembo who recently opened up an upscale dancing studio has again hit the headlines after being crowned as the Most Influential Dancer for the year 2018.

This was during the Tuzine Festival that was held on Friday night at the Uganda National Theater.

A visibly  joyous and pleased Ibra took to his socials to reveal how excited he was upon receiving the recognition. He described it as something that keeps him motivated to keep on pushing hard in his dance career.

Thank you God for this beautiful gift of Award for the Most Influential Dancer in Uganda 2018. I humbly thank my supporters most the nation that believed in me “that they always follow my advice and the knowledge I give them to improve on their talent influencing and improving on their standards of living.

Ibra Buwembo

The Tuzine festival combines performing arts and human rights advocacy by providing a platform for organizations to educate the public as dancers and other artists share their experiences, ideas, and opinions about human rights violation and advocacy.

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