There could be a World War IV slowly brewing between Ugandan fashion icons after Sylvia Owori allegedly insulted fellow fashionista Santa Anzo for standing with Barbie Kyagulanyi amidst their social media rift.

Hell broke loose last week when celebrated Ugandan fashion icon Sylvia Owori attacked Barbie Kyagulanyi saying she was not influential enough to appear at the Geopolitical Conference despite having been invited by the French Embassy.

Barbie Kyagulanyi (left) at the Geopolitical Conference

That seemed to open a can of worms as Bobi Wine’s and Barbie’s fans brutally attacked Sylvia Owori calling her all sorts of names and discrediting whatever good she has ever done.

Amidst all that, a few public figures sent out their opinions as per the issue and one of those was Santa Anzo who sent her message to Barbie Kyagulanyi celebrating and certifying her influence.

Spitting Venom: Sylvia Owori

She insisted that Barbie deserved to be on the Geopolitics Conference panel because she is a significant figure in many females’ lives.

Santa Anzo’s message seems to have rubbed a few people the wrong way including the woman on fire, Sylvia Owori, who believes the message was directed to her.

Santa claims that Sylvia called only to insult and label all sorts of unpleasant names on her just because of the message she sent to Barbie.

Santa does not understand why Sylvia would pick a fight on her again after several years that she has always avoided her. She wonders if now is the time, in seventeen years, that she should finally retaliate.

Having been close associates and big wigs in the same industry, if Santa Anzo finally decides to raise the roof, we are bound to witness one of the bloodiest clashes in the fashion industry’s history.

We shall keep you updated on all developments, just jeep here.

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