As different celebrities continue to give their opinions on the war of words going on between Sylvia Owori and Barbie Kyagulanyi, singer and TV presenter Robert Sekidde a.k.a Tuff B has also joined the rave.

In the ‘cold war’ based on relevance and significance as one party disregards the other’s, Barbie Kyagulanyi and Sylvia Owori have both garnered a backing from several celebrities as well as the general public to support their stands.

Sylvia Owori Credit: Sylvia Owori

When Sylvia Owori wrote saying that she did not really think Barbie deserved to be invited as a guest speaker at the 2018 Geopolitics Conference, the latter had her own reply which was welcomed and supported by her several fans and sympathizers.

Barbie Kyagulanyi speaking at the 2018 Geopolitics Conference

Now, singer Tuff B has also rallied behind her back saying Sylvia Owori, despite her few achievements, deserves to act exemplary and reflect her greatness and strength to the community around her.

The Ndabilwamu singer believes that both ladies are well respected by society and both have achievements we can all celebrate as Ugandans, but Barbie edges Sylvia with the way she reflects her lifestyle on inspiring young women.

He states that Barbie’s strength as a woman deserves international recognition and respect, in a way to react to Sylvia’s degrading sentiments.

Do you agree with Tuff B, or is he wrong?

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