Reports circulating indicate that the B2C Entertainment singers have eventually parted ways with their longtime manager Andy Events after paying them peanuts despite a successful concert.

The Born To Conquer music trio of Bobby Lash, Mr Lee, and Delivad have risen through the music ranks with their hit songs filled with message and melodies.

Part of their success story cannot miss out Andy Events, a manager who made most things behind the scenes possible for them to flourish their brand.

All that seems to belong to the past today however after the trio finally fired him allegedly for conning them of their concert money.

B2C Music trio and Andy.

In September the trio had sold out concerts from which they expected to reap too much money for their hard work and sleepless nights in studio.

They were shocked however at the end of a streak of shows to be handed 5 million by their manager as their payment.

This caused a stir in the crew and the trio are said to have rejected the money, only to fire their manager later citing foul play with their finances.

What is next for the boys? We are sure they have a plan and we shall keep you updated on all the developments.

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