Amidst her performance with Eddy Yawe at Kyarenga concert, a lady acting as Carol Nantongo lost her skirt as it fell to the ground leaving her undergarments exposed and the crowd loudly cheering.

Carol Nantongo has for long been criticized for her dressing style with various people saying it is a little inappropriate for the public.

On Saturday night at Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga concert, a yet to be identified lady stepped on stage to perform Carol Nantongo’s part in her Tukigale collaboration with Eddy Yawe.

She was faced with a humiliating wardrobe malfunction as her black skirt fell to the ground. It took her a while to realize her orange bikers were showing.

It was not until she heard loud cheers from the crowd that she shamefully picked her skirt from the ground and tried to cover up her already exposed inner garments.

As much as it might have been such a shameful moment, the crowd loudly cheered her on as she eventually lost the skirt and bared the shame to complete the rest of the performance in only a biker.

Many people thought it was Carol Nantongo but she took to her social media to distance herself from the incident saying it was not her because she did not perform at the concert.

She expressed her concern as she tried to understand why Eddy Yawe let someone else take her place without her consent.

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