Ugandan singers A Pass and Geosteady are up against each other again in war of words on the Twitter streets as each looks forward to exposing the other’s ‘localness’.

This is not the first time both singers are trolling each other on social media and with each swing, they seem to get their fans involved in an exciting thread of social media bashing.

Geosteady and A Pass

It all started when Geosteady, amidst his UK music tour, took photos posing a bit awkwardly in a motor showroom.

The ever comic A Pass was quick to pick up on Geosteady’s photos as he exposed the fellow singer’s village ways saying he has maalo.

Geosteady did not let things get out of hand before he had his own clapback as he sent the fire back from where it came. He also believes A Pass is the local one because his fan base is only in Gulu and Mbale unlike him who is in London.

Whatever these two are up to, it seems to be keeping the fans at bay as several have joined in the battle to defend their favorites.

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