Most of you must have been asking yourselves why there is a strong connection between singer Ibrahim Mayanja a.k.a Big Eye Starboss and city moneybag Bryan White.

The two are closest to each other and despite having quite different social statuses, they are really inseparable.

Bryan White, since rising to fame, has dealt and fallen out with various celebrities from his Bryan White Foundation but Big Eye has been that forever loyal servant and he revealed why.

Ride Or Die: Bryan White and Big Eye riding through town

Long before we all knew about Brian Kirumira a.k.a Bryan White, he was a friend to Big Eye and he used to give him money despite not having enough then.

Big Eye also revealed that Bryan was the first person to give him dollars in his life nine years ago and it amazes him that even after becoming rich, he never forgot him and that is why he loves him so much.

Along the way, Big Eye reveals that he has learnt quite a lot from the philanthropist and pledges his loyalty to him.

Well, his reasons are valid if true.

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