For years now, fashion designer Ronnie Guns has been making different artistic designs for different renowned celebrities but why has he always gone unnoticed?

It was only until last Saturday 10th November that the fashion designer eventually received huge recognition from the public for his designs after crafting Bobi Wine’s attires for his Kyarenga Concert.

The attire left many talking about it and why Bobi Wine had to chose it over various others.

Bobi Wine’s full attire that designed by Ronnie Guns

Word on street has been that Bobi Wine’s attire that was made six years ago for fellow singer Jose Chameleone who turned it down at the last moment towards his concert.

Below we you bring a look at other Ronnie Guns’ designs that artistes wore during their concert launches years back.

Lets start off with singer Hillary Kiyaga, better known by his stage name, Dr. Hilderman.

If you can remember, the attire that almost caused him trouble with the Catholic Church just after his concert was made by Ronnie.

Next we bring you singer Jose Chameleone’s Ironman costume that almost made him suffocate while on stage performing when he had failed to operate it.

Ronnie Guns handing over the helmet to Chameleone 

That is not the only attire Ronnie has designed for Chameleone. Here are some other designs he made for the Leone Island boss.

Ronnie Guns has also on several occasions designed for singer Bebe Cool. Memorably, the attires he wore for his Cocodiosis album launch were all by Ronnie.

Bebe Cool hits stage on a bike
Ronnie Guns alongside Bebe Cool
Ronnie Guns trying to make Bebe Cool look cool

Then also came singer Maggie Kayima, alias Nabbi Omukazi. Hope you all recall her hit song that gave many established Ugandan artists a run for their money.

The all-white attire and hat that the singer was wore in her video were also designed by Ronnie as his creativity that left many in awe.

Maggie Kayima, alias Nabbi Omukazzi 

In September 2014, during the Club Mega Fest at Namboole, Jamaican dancehall artiste Dorothy Smith a.k.a Patra wore a fishnet costume designed by Ronnie Guns.

Diamond Oscar who also had a short stint at the helm in the entertainment business was lucky enough to wear costumes made by Ronnie as well.

He also put his artistic hands on Sheebah Karungi’s attire which she wore in her Kisasikimu video.

Sheebah Karungi in Kisasikimu

He is the brain behind several other captivating celebrity designs and we thought we could appreciate his efforts in causing a difference in Uganda’s entertainment industry.

Take a look at Tuff B’s new video titled Kakondo in which all costumes were made by Ronnie.

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