On several occasions singer Jose Chameleone has been vowing to expose some people who used to deny him the mic when he was still a struggling musician.

But finally lady luck distanced herself from veteran singer/actor/ comedian Simon Base Kalema (SBK) as the Leone Island boss exposed him as one of the people who used to chase him away whenever he begged for the microphone to perform.

Simon Base Kalema

A very out spoken Chameleone revealed this during an interview when asked on which criteria he uses before collaborating with young artists.

While answering the question, Chameleone did a freestyle of his Mateeka song, singing verses that hit on all those who used to deny him the mic.

That way, he went on to expose Simon Base Kalema as one of his tormentors back then.

Simon Base Kalema (SBK)

He further hinted that there is no criteria for any artist to follow if they want to sing with him because he does not want to be like those of Simon Base Kalema.

Bragging, Chameleone disclosed that when the likes of SBK beg him for the mic today, he always hands it over to them but they usually don’t have what to do with the mic.

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