Bebe Cool stakes 3.7m prize for lucky fan on Boxing Day

He is not broke anymore! Bebe Cool has much more money than he requires and he is staking USD 1,000 for a lucky fan who can describe his life story.

Forget the politics, erase the bottling memories for a moment as well. Gagamel Entertainment CEO, Bebe Cool is ready to splash some dimes to a few lucky fans.

Bebe Cool

What you have to do is read about his life story, add the common knowledge and rumors you have heard about him, and come up with a story about his life.

The short story should not be more than 500 words, and if yours is impressive enough to please him, you will win yourself USD 1,000 equivalent to UGX 3.7 million on 26th December 2018.

Well, here is a chance to end the year on a rich note. We surely have so much to talk about Bebe Cool. Take a shot at it!

Also, remember us when you win.

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