Grace Khan – I fear falling in love again, am a mafia now

De New Eagles Production singer Grace Khan spoke about her video clip that went viral on social media as she shed tears while recording her latest song Wakyuka.

In a brief interview, the Nenoonya singer noted that she had not intended to drop tears but emotions took over and it was inevitable to shed a few as she recalled intimate moments from her affair with Jovan Luzinda.

Grace Khan performing

Grace also noted that she is now fed up and fears falling in love again.

She also warned whoever dares to go in for her to stand rest assured that he will be confronting a mafia in the field of love.

Below is a video of Grace Khan as she shed tears while recording in studio

Grace Khan records love song with tears rolling down her cheeks

Local artistes Jovan Luzinda and Grace Khan, both from the Da New Eagles Production, were reportedly involved in a fight a few days ago over a relationship gone sour.Grace hit the studios to record a song about the situation, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Posted by Mbu on Thursday, November 15, 2018

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