Dear Mowzey,

Hard to believe it’s nine months since you were gone. Nine months of us not hearing from you. Nine months without new serenading music. We hope you now sing with the angels up there, Mowzey. Probably doing lead vocals in God’s band. Or writing music for the funkiest of angels up there. Have you met your namesake, Moses? The guy who wrote those first books in the bible. Genesis, Exodus and three others. Have you seen him? Does he, for example, spot long white tunicsan overgrown grey beard?

230 songs in 10 years means you wrote a song each fortnight. Do you know what this means, Mowzey? 36 weeks of missing out on your talent. That’s six albums for an average artiste.You should have stuck around, Mowzey. Weasel wouldn’t be carrying sacks of rice and hustling to become Bryan White’s favorite bagboy. Or beating up DJs at 3:00 AM because they are not playing the music he did without you.

The Late Mowzey Radio

Rema Namakula, the songstress who once sang about mango juice has since turned back on her words. Can you imagine she says, She’s not a mango anymore? Ok ‘mbu’ at least not a raw one. Because she thinks it’s the reason Diriisa Musuuza has refused to put a ring on it. We wish you were still here, Mowzey. Maybe you would have written a better song for her. Just like you did, with Tikula.

The industry has since become a tangle of petulant musicians, Mowzey. Kalifa Aganaga is fighting everyone. First, he called A PASS as a crocodile in a song by the same name. He’s now beefing Rema for that veiled sting at her live-in bae. Kalifa thinks Rema is the bad one, in a song he calls “sister”. Perhaps your talent could have helped him sing about better things like Romantic Call.

Weasel mourns Mowzey Radio, and AK47.

Do you have a TV, Mowzey? An actual television set, and not Weasel TV, your erstwhile shaggy-haired singing partner? A cable TV, connected to your place of abode so that you can follow the latest from Uganda? Bryan White, the latest wannabe dandy in town, has since completed your mom’s house and given some decent finishing and not forgetting his great contribution on your sending off ceremony. 

Those crumbs Bebe Cool wrestled from Jjajja in 2016 are now history. Our number one citizen dragged his mass of wrinkles to one of his concerts, the other day. A 74-year old country manager mingling with hordes of hotblooded revelers at 1:00 AM, Mowzey. Then Bebe grew wings and bragged about this in another concert and people showed him fire. A hail of bottles, perhaps 1,343 of them, were flung in his direction that night but thank God he goes to the gym. Can you believe ‘bba wa Zuena’ removed the shirt and paraded his Namboole chest like for beatings? Well it worked for him because since then he flys in a presidential jet.  

Bebe being pushed off stage

Mowzey, Some of your former fellow musicians are now eating big. Catherine Kusasira has since become the unofficial minister of condolences. She’s doing so well that she might soon take over Ssekandi’s place as the official government representative on private funerals.

NRM, the government you helped back to power with Tubonganawe and Neera (The Remix), has since turned its guns on any ambitious musician who won’t toe the regime line. Bobi Wine had to be tossed around until he eventually remembered that he had a place of his own, to stage the Kyarenga concert. Then Police finally coiled their tails and provided security.

Bobi Wine at his Kyarenga Concert

We have since got new kids on the block. Fik Fameica, John Blaq and flocks of pretenders. Hip-hop resurrected and we had rappers having a go at each other. The bonfire was lit by Feffe Bussi, a Nakulabye-based diminutive upstart weighing about 13 kilograms, about the size of a small goat. He threw a stone in a beehive of slumbering musicians and everybody woke up like they had been stung by wasps. If you were around, perhaps, this is where you would chip in with your usual magic on collabos, like you did in Mr. DJ and others.

Yesse Oman Rafiki sends his greetings. He remembers the mentoring you gave him. And he’s done a tribute to you. Check it out, Mowzey.  You’ll like it.

Leo, Karen, and Radio’s mother at Radio and Weasel’s last concert.

Oh, and the music you left behind; the unreleased content has since been released. All 68 of them, now enjoying considerable airplay. You should be here, Mowzey. Or perhaps you see what is happening here. But you would be a bigger star. With an overloaded schedule and a fat bank account. And Frank Ssekibogo, your pesky brother, would still be unknown to the public, perhaps trying out a new hustle as an upcoming fisherman.

Greetings from the other side, Moses Ssekibogo Nakintije. Till then i will keep sending you my letters to update you about everything and even when you don’t reply, i will still understand. Hopefully you access internet and read MBU. 

Miss You Dearly Mowzey

Yours, eternal fan.

Zamboki Lincolin Jr M4S 

The only surviving civilian Afande

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