Singer Chosen Becky, who rose to fame after her monster hit Bankuza, has for the first come out to speak about relationships.

Over the weekend, Chosen Becky revealed what exactly she thinks of relationships, something that has sparked mixed reviews from different entertainment critics.

According to the singer, relationships are like electric currents. When one connects with a wrong wiring, the results will be shocks and when the connection is right, one’s life will automatically light up.

Chosen Becky

There is some truth in her statements but some critics however dragged the post in a different direction saying:

Robert George Williams: “Kulikayo, ndabira David Lutalo bangaambye nti kati yagakuba”, loosely translated as “welcome back, send greetings to David Lutalo. I was told that he is now the one in charge of your assets”.

Others just appreciated and thanked her for the educative post.

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