A few days ago singer Sheebah Karungi, while on an interview, opened up about beefing one another in showbiz.

In her opinion the Team No Sleep (TNS) lead singer openly declared that she loves how men beef in showbiz unlike fellow women.

While further pointed out that the level of beef among the guys is healthy because they make money out of it as they openly express to each other forcing fans to take sides.

Sheebah in studio during an interview

I like the way how men beef in showbiz. Firstly they make money out of it, and show it to one another as their fans take sides unlike women who don’t openly beef .

Sheebah said

She added that when women beef, it never goes public because one artiste suffers with envy over the other without opening up about it.

The Omwooyo singer urges women that are beefing to at least open up to each other and get their issues sorted out.

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