Former Blu 3 songstress, Jackie Chandiru gave her life to Christ during Pastor Kayanja’s church service. She has been struggling with drug addiction for several years.

Jackie Chandiru was once one of Uganda’s best songstresses, a top vocalist, and such an inspirational figure for most females in the entertainment industry.

Jackie Chandiru

She however faced troubles with drug addiction that nearly saw her end her own life before being saved by close friends and relatives who checked her into rehab.

It has been a few months since she was checked out of rehab, where she was actually advised to stop singing.

During at the 77 DOGS church service at Pastor Kayanja’s Rubaga Miracle Center on Friday, Jackie Chandiru arose from the crowd and onto the pulpit.

As you would expect, when she was given the microphone to introduce herself and to mention what she was there to do, the congregation was thrown into wild cheers.

After going through dark times, I can’t believe that I’m still alive. Whatever chance I have, I will thank God.”

Jackie Chandiru

Pator Kayanja then asked her to sing for the church a song and she did a rendition of the gospel song ‘Awesome God’ like she has not been away for a minute.

The crowd sang along as they cheered her through. The pastor then asked her what she is planning to do with the second chance that God has given her.

I am going to tell everybody that He lives, and that because He lives, I live.”

Jackie replied

The pastor then granted her the opportunity to perform anytime she will feel like ready to praise God together with the church.

She went on to proclaim that she has now fully decided on giving her life to God and dedicates her next journey to full transformation.

Best news you have heard this week? You’re not alone!

Watch the video as Jackie made the bold decision below;

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