Michael Ross, who has always expressed his admiration and adoration of Ginuwine, was treated to a shameful moment when bouncers threw him off stage at his idol’s concert.

In a video making rounds on social media, the once Uganda’s top R&B artiste tried to steal Ginuwine’s show during his performance at the 11th edition of the R&B Safari which took place at the Commonwealth Resort in Munyonyo.

Just as Ginuwine was performing, the Ndakwikundira singer fluked his way past security and onto the stage.

He then began to whine to the American singer’s jams as he lifted his shirt to show his most prized assets – his six pacs.

Michael Ross

Seemingly, the R&B singer imagined he could steal a few minutes of fame while at Ginuwine’s concert and his dream has been achieved, though not in the most appropriate ways.

Two bouncers made their way onto the stage, grabbed any part of his body their hands could manage to grip, and threw him off the stage and into the fans who kept on screaming, supposedly in enjoyment of whatever was going on.

Now humiliated, Michael Ross was seen slowly making his way through the fans as he kept wishing the ground could just swallow him.

Watch the video below and see how exactly all that happened;

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