With the aftermath of Sheebah Karungi’s Omwooyo concert, different fans have come out to express their opinions regarding what transpired at the concert.

On Friday 30th November Sheebah performed for several fans at Hotel Africana but there have been several criticisms attached to her failure to deliver vocally during her performances.

A one Dash Desmond however urges fans and music critics to cut her some slack because Sheebah is “more of an entertainer than a vocalist”. He says;

“In music we have terms like artists, singers, vocalists, musicians, entertainers etc but we the audience tend not to differentiate them or deliberately refuse to pay attention to what they mean.

Sheebah is more of an entertainer and less a vocalist. When on stage, she uses her strength as an entertainer which involves creativity like choreography, costumes, energetic performance etc to put up a great show.

On the other hand, those with vocal abilities as their strengths like Maurice Kirya, Adele, all they need is a microphone to put up a great show.

I humbly urge that before we shoot her down, we should first take time to create some self awareness about the industry and the different terms and dynamics involved.”

Well, he has a point, doesn’t he?

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