Drama ensued on Wednesday in Namasuba when an upcoming artiste failed to disengage his manhood from Abdul Mulaasi’s wife after the two were caught having sex in a lodge.

You must have probably come across such kind of stories on the internet trending from Nigeria and neighboring countries like Tanzania and Kenya.

Yesterday, a local upcoming musician believed to be San Yo became a firsthand victim as his manhood got stuck in Abdul Mulaasi’s wife while they were making love.

San Yo

In an effort to help these two resident were seen carrying them, wrapped in a sheet, from the lodge to another house as others filmed the entire scenario.

Abdul Mulaasi was also notified and he did not look surprised when he found his wife stuck onto another man.

Media teams swang into action to capture the moment as traditional witchdoctors performed their charm to disengage the already shamed couple.

Most people believe that it is the power of witchcraft intended to stop people from cheating and Abdul Mulaasi has often been attached to juju scandals.

Others explain it scientifically as failure of the lower body muscles to loosen up following the vigorous activity and can be handled with an injection which relaxes the muscles.

Residents claim that it would not have happened if San Yo had a life jacket on.

Whatever the case however, it is a very embarrassing moment.

Watch the video below;

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