Despite the tight security and such a lively crowd, American rapper Desiigner lost his sneakers amidst his performance at the Waterfront Karen in Nairobi, Kenya.

On Saturday 8th December 2018, Stefflon Don, Desiigner, and Bas graced Kenyan soils and performed at the Jameson Connect in Nairobi.

Steflon Don

There was a wave of resentment on social media after Desiigner posted a video of him en-route Kenya in which he kept saying he was flying to Africa, and not Kenya in particular.

Kenyans kept their cool until few minutes into Desiigner’s much anticipated performance.

The Panda rapper asked bouncers to carry him closer to his fans as the crowds cheered on. Little did he know that he was biting more that he could chew.

Before he even made a few steps into the midst of the crowd, his sneakers were missing. He immediately asked the deejay to stop the music.

Now in disbelief, he kept screaming, “My sneakers, my sneakers“, but the crowds instead embarked on the socks as well. By the time he returned to the stage, one sock was gone.

Despite all, Desiigner kept on with his performance and he gave the revelers a show worth their money.

He must have left a happy man because he surely has a huge fanbase in Kenya, if we are to go by the crowds’ at the event.

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