The rate at which the name Queen Abenakyo is trending and being claimed by all people from different regions in Uganda leaves no any chances but to have it as the most registered name in the next Population Census. 

Quinn Abenakyo. That’s the name on every Ugandan’s lips – especially those that were privy to her heroics at the just concluded 68th Miss World pageant. She finished second runner-up, and was subsequently crowned Miss World, Africa. Today, she basks in her glory as the latest crown jewel on Uganda’s beauty scene.

Born premature, at seven months in 1996, the nascent Quinn had to endure a spell in an incubator until she was finally safe enough to be raised without the extra support.

Miss World, Africa Abenakyo

The Pitfalls

Hers would seem like the result of a smooth sailing. Only that it wasn’t. In a media interview with NTV’s Solomon Kaweesa, Charles Ssembeera and Alice Kyamulesire, Quinn’s ecstatic parents echoed some of their daughter’s fears at the dawn of the competition.

Quinn had seen contestants whose physical beauty she believed dwarfed hers. If the pool of contestants was to be purely judged on “passport” beauty, she stood no chance, she worried.

Miss Uganda 2018

For her mother, it was a case of constant encouragement. She was supposed to be her pillar; not of despair, but of unwavering hope. Not even after government handlers had given her daughter’s handlers the run-around did she waver.

Quinn’s travails had not been lost on her father. Charles Ssembeera had been fed with the countless supposed-downsides that come with the life of a pageant winner – the public scrutiny, the scheming handlers and minders, and the temptations and empty gains that stand in her way. But if fate had decided her destiny, then so be it. He gave her his blessing.

In Brenda Nanyonjo, Kevin Zziwa, Ali Alibhai and Co, Quinn had just about the right team around her. Kevin is Brenda’s brother and the duo co-own Kezzi Events. Along with Alibhai, they had a reputation to protect, and simply couldn’t afford to bungle this. The result of their collaboration was what could eventually turn out as the most fruitful beauty pageant ever, in the country’s history.

Miss World 2018 Top Contenders

What does this mean for her new-found fame? 

Now here, Forget about these other beauty wannabes, slay queens and jjaja’s whose main goal is to update there Watsapp statuses, Instagram, snap-chat on functions that they were not even invited to attend, Quinn’s new status is one that ultimately comes with a truckload of responsibilities. She just wont sit there and remember the names of her favorite pets or give optical nutrition to her followers as she waits for her reign to run out.

Goodwill Ambassador

The crown will come with associated ambassadorial roles, the volume of which could depend on her general appeal – public or otherwise. We could soon hear her stuff at organisations as big as the United Nations.

Quinn’s eventual appeal should help to champion myriads of social causes. HIV, cancer, child abuse, teenage pregnancies and others of the ilk are some of the causes we could see her dip her hands in, over the next 12 months.

Her participation in such causes will help to further the causes and create the much-needed awareness. Each of these should come with attractive perks, a bigger CV and the kind of reputation she could use to her advantage in her life after the big stage. 


The responsibility that comes with a beauty crown means that holders of such titles cannot run away from certain roles. A beauty queen will be expected to push for sensitization about certain causes but not dog tailing Bryan White in Arua for a charity drive with ‘heavenly resources’. The boat must be balanced.

With her new status, Quinn could be end up working with many NGOs, government institutions and international firms. Public fundraisers, if well orchestrated, could be the biggest beneficiaries of such personalities and public figures.


One of the skills that almost automatically go with the crown is excellent communication skills. You’ll hardly find a stammerer running away with the crown but can at least become judges at the event. (If you know you know)

Whether as a goodwill ambassador or otherwise, a beauty queen will inevitably have to demonstrate excellent speech skills. This being one of the qualities vetted in the final selection, should be no hurdle for our indefatigable Quinn.

The Beauty Queens

It’s a skill that will definitely come in handy long after the crown is gone, and the beauty is finally facing the world without the perks. It’s a skill that will determine if she eventually slips into oblivion or continues to rock the world long after the crown is gone.

Role Model

Quinn’s victory has instantly turned her into an advocate for societal service. The title comes with the huge cost of moral responsibility. She’s supposed to maintain respectable personality and character.

Her appeal must transcend a stretch of groups, from age to cultural and social status, among others.

Well, Quinn is no longer the ordinary citizen. She might not even hold the E. African new ordinary passport. She’ll be expected to be a source of inspiration to millions of youngsters that look up to her. She may be no angel, but she’ll definitely be expected to play the paragon personality. We hope the perks that come with such responsibility will be worth the weight of expectation on her shoulders.

Lastly, the issue of where she comes from remains a comic mystery but i would like to rise a voice on behalf of everyone who voted for Queen Abenakyo from all the regions in Uganda  that we will all claim her till the Government increases the price of OTT and we can’t access MBU anymore. We all voted so let us balance the Boat.


Zamboki Lincoln Jr M4S

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