Popular Colombian actress, Carolyn Ordonez fractured her pelvis when she fell off a safari van during her tour at Murchison Falls National Park two months ago.

All this happened during her missionary visit to Uganda on which she was on a mission to spread the word of God as she also extended help to the helpless children.

She fell off the moving van, just 50 feet away from the lions in the park, and she ended up suffering a fractured pelvis and coccyx, plus a compressed spine.

Carolyn and her friends on the van before the accident at Murchison Falls National Park

This forced an extension to her stay in Uganda for the recovery process as she could not walk. She also started a Go Fund Me to help her raise money to cover the very expensive treatment process.

Two months later, after a very painful but hopeful recovery process, Carolyn is able to walk again. She however needs more financial support to enable her cover the huge medical bills.

Support her in any way you can. For now, we wish her the best of the rest of the year as we remain hopeful for a better new year.

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