From one party referring to the other as an ‘old fridge’, to the other urging another to calm their tits, twitter was sent ablaze on Monday evening as Ugandan artistes A Pass and Ykee Benda got involved in a bitter exchange.

We all know who Alexander Bagonza a.k.a A Pass is on the social media streets. He is a bully of sorts who gives his medicine to anyone at random.

Bebe Cool has been top on his list of patients this entire year as the Mummy singer has never missed any opportunity to throw the Gagamel CEO’s name under the bus.

Following a disappointing turn up at Fik Fameica’s concert, as several artistes came out to stand with the rapper, A Pass instead saw a huge opportunity to toss a few trolls around.

It all began when A Pass bragged about how he is too big for concerts and none of his can ever flop.

Ykee, who thought the tweet was indirectly attacking Fik Fameica, responded by asking A Pass to show support to the rapper instead of downplaying his hustle.

All hell broke loose at that point.

As you would expect, A Pass then turned his guns towards the savior of the day as he disregarded Ykee and Fik as his friends and hence feeling no need to save the situation for the latter.

Ykee, seemingly irked by A Pass’ statements, then retaliated urging A Pass to ‘get back to the spoons and saucepans business’. From that point, each party which had strong backing from their fans, started labeling the other all sorts of names.

Follow the twitter thread below;

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