Leila Kayondo resorts to massaging dog’s balls (VIDEO)

Is this what women mean when they say ‘all men are dogs‘? Leila Kayondo seems to have found a new hobbie after a video of her massaging a dog’s privates surfaced online.

Wait what? A dog’s privates?

To be more specific, Ugandan musician Leila Kayondo appears in the video massaging the dog’s balls!

In a video she posts on her own timeline, the Awo singer is seen caressing the dog on the stomach as she runs her hands down to its testicles.

Surprisingly, or rather not, the dog seems to enjoy every bit of it as it excitedly plays with her arm as well.

If you thought she was not really talented at music, or even dancing, here is one thing you cannot beat her at.

Watch the video below;


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“Ladies, this is how you treat a man”, says @leilakayondo as she massages a dog’s privates 😂 We outta here 🏃

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