She is a completely changed woman and she claims to have the power to look into the future. Desire Luzinda has predicted about what is bound to happen very soon and the music industry will be shaken when it comes to pass.

Since announcing that she was turning to God and fully becoming a gospel artiste, many did not take Desire Luzinda’s revelation as a big deal.

It could be probably because of the past memories of her that have remained most vivid in people’s minds but also, she has not crossed both her feet to the other side with her last secular album still a work in progress awaiting completion.

If the words about her transition made little sense to you, probably these won’t.

Desire Luzinda has revealed that soon and very soon, the music industry will not be the same after three of its big artistes are bound to change and turn to God.

She reveals that after their conversion, many of their fans will also switch and follow suit and she cannot wait to witness her prophecy come to pass.

I know the questions running through your minds already but let us keep calm and wait to see what comes of this.

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