Singer Geosteady got involved in a bitter exchange with a fan after being pissed off by the comments he made about Bobi Wine.

It all started when Geosteady posted a photo of himself posing with Bobi Wine during a Parliamentary dinner in a dinning hall.

A fan only identified as Walia Wali took to Geosteady’s comment section and wrote that he only knows how to pose with Bobi Wine and nothing else.

Geosteady performing at a show

U guys u should come out and u fight for him stop posting him with doing nothing.


The comment made the Finally singer lose his cool as he also replied him bitterly as he wondered why Walia Wali talks to much.

@walia_wali oba oyogera bwogezi nyo


When Geosteady was asked about the reply he confirmed that it was out of anger and that he replied without remorse.

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