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Celebrated events and media personality emcee Edwin Katamba, a.k.a MC Kats opened up on what really broke his relationship with singer Fille Mutoni .

The legendary emcee revealed that the social media video clips between him and Fille which showed them on disagreeing grounds as he begged for forgiveness on several times were not stunts as many people may think.

MC Kats made the statement as he was trying to clear the airwaves about the several social media clips that made rounds through the year where the two were seen involved in an on-and-off relationship.

People think that the social media clips between me and Fille were stunts for promoting her. But the truth is they were no stunts.

Mc Kats

MC Kats, who did not want to disclose what really was happening between their relationship and music management only had a few words for Fille as he wished her only the best.

Deep into his conversation Kats also advised the new breed of artistes to distance themselves from using drugs.

Fille and her MC Kats on a show

The veteran serving King Of The Mic then eventually admitted that he is no longer in charge of Fille’s music management.

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