The last time we reported about faded singer Qute Kaye was in June when Mama Sure Deal pledged to take care of him following a bizarre incident in which he was allegedly nabbed stealing car headlights.

Mama Sure Deal did not disappoint and she fulfilled whatever she promised to present the singer with.

Among those included sheltering Qute Kaye and taking him back to studio to revamp his music career.

As the year is comes to closure, we decided to trace how far Qute Kaye has gone with his music career after being given another chance.

Qute Kaye and Mama Sure Deal tightly holding each other

We were reliably tipped that having been offered with everything required in a home, Qute Kaye did not stay there for even a month.

Reportedly, he sold off everything and vanished in thin air.

Qute Kaye’s disappearance left Mama Sure Deal in awe as of today because she also failed to locate where he could have ran off to.

Close sources however revealed that the singer backslid to his old self and is rumored to be doing drugs again, often seen in the city slams.

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