Geoffrey Lutaya: Spice Diana and the B2C Soldiers are the best artistes for 2018

It is just four days to the closure of 2018 and legendary band singer Geoffrey Lutaya believes that no single artiste has done better than Spice Diana and the B2C Entertainment trio this year.

As the old Luganda adage goes, “eriiso lyomukulu, awadugala wewalaba“, everyone is always looking out for the opinion of the old guns in the industry.

It could be for their vast experience, or just the credibility that their endorsements come with but opinions from the seniors in the industry matter so much.

During an interview, Da Nu Eagles boss Geoffrey Lutaya revealed that no other artiste has done better this year than the B2C Entertainment trio and Spice Diana this year.

Geoffrey Lutaya

He stresses that the two brands have done exceptionally well and put in so much hard work to stand above the rest this year.

They have come and conquered. You can no longer talk about local music without mentioning Diana and B2C. They are popular among the youth.”

Geoffrey Lutaya
The B2C Music trio and Spice Diana

Lutaya also advised that they keep up with the pace as he only envisions better days ahead of them.

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