The frame for a perfect picture in the Ugandan music industry has for ages been designed around controversy. Spice Diana has had a fair share of those in 2018 and we look at the top six.

A good voice alone cannot do much in Uganda’s music industry. To become a big star you have to trend, for both the good and bad reasons. It’s the system.

At times when a musician wants to promote a new song/concert, they will make sure a controversy pops out of nowhere then try to ‘clear’ their name later.

Spice Diana has been one of the most trending artistes in Uganda. It has come in equal measures for her music, sense of fashion and of course the various stunts. It has all kept her shining.

Let’s take a look at the top six from her collection of many more;

The 32 Stunt

In February, while appearing on NTV’s ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ show, Spice Diana shocked many when she repeatedly revealed that she got 32 aggregates in her A Level final exams.

YouTube video

Just a few days after the video went viral, she hit studio and recorded a collaboration with Weasel titled ‘32′ which turned into an instant hit on the airwaves. She also opened up a recording studio and named it 32 Records.

Spice Loses Wig Live On TV

As the 32 stunt was fading off in mid February, Spice visited BBS Television and midway through her performance her wig fell off her head. It sent the entire entertainment world into a frenzy and there she was on the headlines again.

Spice Confuses Two Hundred Shillings For 250,000 During The OTT Tax Protest

Once again, while live on set as Spice was trying to explain her dissatisfaction regarding the OTT tax, she confused the required two hundred shillings for 250k. It also got her trending wildly.

Two hundred and fifty thousand is too much for Ugandans to pay it for OTT.”

Spice Diana

Mc Kats Unshoed Spice Live On Stage

It all started as a joke when American rapper Kanye West gifted President Museveni with a pair of his branded Yeezy sneakers. While at the Purple Party Tour in Hoima, Mc Kats saw Spice with nice shoes.

The emcee took the shoes off Spice’s feet just amidst her performance. The songstress who thought it was just for the show was however shocked to look for Kats after her performance only to find out that he had vanished from the venue.

She then took her case to the social media court with a video clip of how Kats unshoed her while live on stage but everyone only laughed at her saying the emcee had taught her the city ways.

Spice Diana Romances Pygmy On Stage In Arua.

In May, Spice Diana sexcited Arua revelers during her performance when she romanced one of the shortest men on stage. The video went viral with many saying she had turned the stage into a lodge.

Spice Diana kisses Gravity and DJ Roja

In July, photos made rounds showing Spice Diana in a cosy mood while kissing Gravity Omutujju. It later turned out that it was a scene in her video Ndi Mu Love.

When she was being interviewed on NBS TV, she was asked why she was kissing everyone to which she replied that it was a normal thing and actually went ahead and kissed DJ Roja live on set.

Spice Diana and Gravity get cozy

Spice has had various other hilarious moments this year but her music prowess and dominance cannot be undermined. She will be holding her concert on 25th January 2019.

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