Singer Fik Fameica and his team fulfilled their agreement with Masaka’s city moneybag Emmanuel Lwasa as they treated revelers at Club Tavern Kick to a thrilling performance on Friday night.

While performing at Club Tavern Kick, the Tonsukuma singer and his camp were compensating for their absence at a previous show where they failed to turn up after being booked by the Masaka tycoon.

They pledged to repay their debt as they agreed to perform at a later date without being paid any more money. They fulfilled that on Friday

The revelers who turned up were seen singing and dancing along. Many were overheard saying that they had forgiven the singer for not delivering earlier in the year.

The night was characterized by money splashing as revelers made it rain on Fik Fameica with a number of green notes of Ugandan currency.

A fan making it rain on Fik Fameica with green notes

Fans who were so excited about Fik Fameica’s presence in Masaka joined him on stage as they screamed on top of their voices chanting his name out loud.

As of now we can reliably inform you that Fik Fameica is debt free with Masaka revelers and his relationship with the loaded Emmanuel Lwasa is much more better now.

We commend your act Fik!

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