Spice Diana counts her 2018 blessings

Two days into 2019 already and Spice Diana is reflecting on what a year 2018 was for her as an artiste. She stated her biggest moments as she counted her blessings.

Without doubt, Spice Diana matured into a complete artiste in just a short span and 2018 was the year she took the bull by its horns.

She reflected on some of the moments and people who made it possible for her.

Some of those included the late Mowzey Radio who actually did proclaim 2018 as the year that the world would see the best of Spice Diana.

Spice cared to note the controversial moments that also kept her trending for the better part of the year including ’32’ and ‘wig’ sagas.

She also pledges to work even harder this year and to deliver exactly what her fans have always wanted to listen to and watch her do.

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