Veteran audio producer and sound engineer Paddy Man has issued an apology on behalf of the music industry after singer Bebe Cool made a frustrating appearance on the Front Line show yesterday night.

His apology comes after the Wasibuka Wa singer had turned in to laughing subject on social media after he was on several times caught off guard during the show.

Paddy Man then decided to at least cover up by apologizing through his Facebook account to the panelist who were in attendance for having endured a horrible night from the guest artiste.

Bebe Cool during the Frontline show

Hon Salam Musumba, hon Norbert Mao, Hon Ssemujju Ngganda, sorry for what you went through I apologize on behalf of the music industry

Paddy Man jotted

Throughout the day many critics have been pinning Bebe Cool to the wall saying he was invited to a wrong platform and clearly out of place and context.

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