Singer A Pass claimed that he advised fellow singer Bebe Cool not to go to the Front line show before he turned out to be a laughing stock all over social media.

The Mummy singer said if Bebe had heeded to his advise he would have not endured all the shame and backlash he has so far gone through since his appearance at the show.

A Pass

I told Bebe not to go for this show because I was so worried about what would happen, nagaana.

A Pass wrote

Since Bebe Cool made a guest appearance at the show, veteran audio producer Paddy Man came out and apologized on behalf of the Ugandan entertainment industry to the hosts for enduring such a terrible night.[0]=68.ARBxI5AXiH6FIKXmxOgp-nogjcOFONZN5Gkfuic0pctrP4apLvj9TuWwgiBssrJqUTHydC7GSblN40ZyAWMbJ7sZZ7rn_unLmJYOPpYCqJxRFR6fBI-KnmgY6YCX3BQlYFGOjt9VEH5n6MRTQ4dCx5TVa5pgUKP3LHF4Qwb_97HMQ9D5a1jI2E2hYQDWF-DC_ckARPd3R9At3B9AWTybyu05Y9D7yJW9-GHm_SBYJtQUnJ4XYg8QIpEVkd1cXetrnYDix2vS1A-zmfUwPon0MLp8r-li8QAniXEnStvDlGDJMMpy3pxQa3di84M7mukFIYaIyFVGjIX7jji67q7kB4IWKuyLmG7YAlk&__tn__=-R

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