Bobi and Bebe

Perceived by almost everyone as sworn enemies who have thrown everything but bullets to each other in a feud that has run for years, musicians Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine for once hugged and shared a round table at Eddy Kenzo’s concert.

This was after singer Eddy Kenzo, who was celebrating 10 years in the music industry first invited Bobi Wine and wife Barbie at a front round table to sit alongside the Katikiro of Buganda.

In a few seconds he later on also invited Bebe Cool, who was all enrobed in a People Power attire to join the Katikiro and Bobi Wine at the same table.

Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga

But before Bebe took his sit he first had a little chat with Katikiro and then shook hands with Bobi then finally hugged sparking the audience into wild screams and cheers.

The incidence was a dream come true for most of Ugandan music lovers and fans who wished to once spot Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine share a round table, smile as well as hug each other.

The Sitya Loss hit star maker then calmed Bebe Cool by advising him to feel at home as he heaped praise on Bobi Wine by calling him his brother, father and mentor whereas openly telling him how he is a People Power die-hard.

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