Well, it is not everyday that you find a Ugandan star owning stuff that is not his on the internet! Most are known for buying replicas in a way to make it. More like fake it till you make it.

Anyways fast forward, just a few hours ago a Ugandan artiste Victor Kamenyo just ‘stole’ someone’s fancy and ostentatious bling bling video on Instagram to claim bragging rights.

However, fans aren’t taking any of it, they stepped up and called him out for his fake it till you make it tendency.

An Instagam user @kimera_for_president was quick to call him by tagging the original owner of the video. The busted rapper has not yet replied the comment on his post.

The original video is by a Detroit rapper, Tee Grizzley and he posted it on 28th December for his 2.8m followers on Instagram.

Sorry Victor, we are woke! Everyone actually is!

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