As singer Jackie Chandiru is still in the process of full recovery from drug abuse, the Gold Digger hit star singer has revealed that up to date she still struggles with drug effects.

Chandiru went on to disclose that sometimes during the wee hours of the night, she wakes up with the urge of injecting herself with the drugs.

At times I wake up late in the night like at 2:00am feeling like I should take some. I even move around the house searching for it.

Chandiru revealed
Jackie Chandiru

However, since Chandiru has started scooping gigs to perform at, she promised to give fellow female musicians who are currently ruling the airwaves a run for their money.

Chandiru added that as she is still garnering energy, she wants to give a lesson to female musicians on what they call stage performance and presence, since most of them are lacking in that department.

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