The past week reggae muffin artiste Weasel Manizo came out and relieved his manager Chagga Geoffrey, a.k.a Big Papa of his managerial duties.

During the scuffle Weasel explained that he had fired Chagga for cooperating with his enemies whereas Chagga encountered him by describing him as a lazy bone plus a person who always defied his plans.

As if that wasn’t enough, Chagga went ahead and claimed that Weasel is fighting a mental problem and needs to check into rehab as quick as possible to get urgent care.

Weasel Manizo and Chagga

When the Toyitaba singer learnt of Chagga’s comment about having a mental problem, he also disclosed the real reason why he officially issued Chagga with a sacking letter.

In Weasel’s explanation he stressed that during the festive season he was only performing at events to pay debts that Chagga had accumulated in his name.

He added that up to date whenever he shows up at an event he just performs for no pay or at times he receives the balance of the exact money he is supposed to perform for.

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