On 10th September 2017, we were all excited to understand that Camp Mulla was making a huge comeback. It didn’t happen and Karun has revealed why their reunion failed.

Camp Mulla announced their return from hiatus with a performance at The Tekno Wave concert at the Ngong Racecourse in Nairobi in 2017. They were reportedly lining up a huge reunion and a second studio album.

All these anticipations came to pass in vain. Not a single song, nor the album, was released. The only girl in the group, Karun, finally decided to reveal what exactly happened.

In her own words, it is so painful and heavy to believe that the reunion which was really anticipated did not take place because some members were too indulged in growing as individuals and not as a group.

In late 2017, we were trying to make Camp Mulla work. I really had high hopes for it to get back together and put all my energy into getting it to work, but it couldn’t work, so I had to channel all that energy into my own growth


She admits that as a group, they all wanted to make some good music together especially for their fans but there were toxic relationships among themselves and everyday seemed to get worse and hence they decided to call it off.

“It’s painful and heavy because the last time we tried to make it work, it was too difficult and it got to a point it was like revisiting old wounds. So, we just decided to go our own way because it just”

Camp Mulla is one of the best music groups ever in African music and during their good years, they achieved nominations and notched several awards across the continent.

A reunion seems to be a chapter we shall never open and all we can do is revisit our old playlists and enjoy their blasts from the past.

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