One of the biggest scandals in his music career also doubles as the moment that catapulted him onto the big scene. Geosteady still relishes any opportunity availed to him to redo the late Elly Wamala’s music.

In 2013, the issue of copyright and rights to artistes’ intellectual property took center stage in the Ugandan music industry when Geosteady made a rendition of the late Elly Wamala’s song titled ‘Viola’.

Despite executing the rendition perfectly, Elly Wamala’s family and legal team, as well as a section of his fans, did not welcome the idea that a little known Geosteady had used their icon’s property.

They claimed it was a crime committed by the young singer because nobody gave him the rights to redo the late singer’s music.

The issue was later settled after several visits to court and Geosteady received a warning to desist from using content for which he has not secured rights for.

It’s about five years since then but the singer cannot stay away from the temptation to go down that same road again.

He revealed that if there are any songs he would love to redo then Elly Wamala’s songs would be the first on the list because he believes he is the best person in doing that.

Maybe he is just a big fan of Wamala’s. We just hope he does not let lightning strike him twice!

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