As more evidence pinning artistes who have so far received money from president Museveni continues to unfold, media personality Kasuku has revealed the reason behind Bebe Cool’s move.

The money that artistes got from the Tubonga Nawe project is coming back to haunt them – one by one.

The common victim has always been Bebe Cool who has received insults from different people but what is more surprising is that even fellow artistes have been putting him on the spot.

Some of these artistes shockingly shared part of the Shs 400m as payment for their services in the last presidential campaign.

Bebe Cool has now retaliated and he is leaking videos of each of those artistes to whom he personally handed over cash in a way to expose them.

Dembe FM and Spark TV presenter Katende Isaac Daniel a.k.a Kasuku has made sense of the fracas and he believes Bebe Cool is just clearing his already soiled image.

Kasuku reliably states that the minimum amount that everyone who sang for the president got was Shs 100m.

President Museveni however gave the artiste’s fraternity an extra Shs 400m as a financial boost and urged them to create a SACCO from which loans would be accorded amongst them.

It is this money that seems to have caused trouble as many instead accused Bebe Cool of pocketing it.

It is for that same reason that Kasuku thinks that the Gagamel boss has decided to expose every artiste that received and even signed up for it.

Kasuku also fears for the worst as he emphasizes that very soon, the artistes will be required to return the loan money and that is when the whole truth will be brought to light.

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