The body shaming from people around her and some of her critics on social media got Martha Kay thinking her body was not that good to show off.

You probably know her already for her several comic online skits but Martha Kay Kagimba a.k.a the Range Rover Girl is one funny and beautiful woman.

If you do not fall for her eyes then her curves will definitely strike you on first sight. Why then would a woman this beautiful feel unhappy about her body?


Martha Kay revealed that for the biggest part of her life, she has hated and felt insecure about her legs because of the several negative comments she gets from people.

It is because of people’s negativity that you have seen Martha, more often that not, clad in pants or long dresses. She tries so hard to keep the legs covered.

Martha Kay covered up at the ASFA awards 2018

It is hard to overcome the shame that comes with people unpleasantly looking at one particular part of your body but it seems Martha has found a way around it.

The comedian has decided to embrace her flaws because these are the only pair of legs she will ever have.

We actually love her legs, don’t you?

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