Could singer Cindy Sanyu be scared of appearing on Bebe Cool’s list as one of the artistes who got a fair share of the 2016 presidential campaign money?

Well, the way she has come out to claim that artistes were the first to politicize music makes one think so.

Through a video clip, the Sunset singer narrates that at first she lost her cool when she read a few of proposed regulations.

With time however, she has found herself defending the proposed regulations claiming that they are good and fair for industry.

Cindy Sanyu

This could simply imply that the singer has finally bowed down to Bebe Cool’s threats of exposing artistes who chewed president Museveni’s dimes during the 2016 campaigns.

Cindy explains that even before Bobi Wine’s cult group People Power came into existence, artistes had already politicized music and now it’s biting on them.

Critically, this indicates that Cindy has now shifted posts from defying against the laws to supporting them as she now joins Bebe Cool and the likes of Catherine Kusasira who are in staunch support of the regulations.

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