The reactions to the proposed regulations keep flowing in. We talked to songstress Irene Ntale who regards them as ‘ridiculous and such a big joke’.

It is just a few days since a document containing regulations and laws, that were proposed to control public performances in Uganda, was released.

As several artistes, and the general public, continue to air out diverse opinions regarding these regulations, one of Uganda’s top divas has also added her voice to the many.

“The whole thing should be thrown away. It’s ridiculous, it makes no sense. It’s a big joke that I don’t even want to believe.”

Irene Ntale

Critically, the rule stopping artistes from performing at any other venue before a time frame of four hours seems to have rubbed Ntale the wrong way.

“You can’t tell artistes to perform at only one venue because this is our source of income. It is our livelihood, so if you tell me to perform at only one venue when I know I can book five gigs in a day, it’s like you’re interfering with my ka-money,”

Irene Ntale added
Irene Ntale performs for her Rwandan fans at the Kigali Jazz Junction 2018. (nibStudios2018) Credit: Nib Studios

The Guluma singer also stressed that the regulations are unrealistic because artistes only benefit from performances due to the absence of the copyright law.

“Our music industry already doesn’t have the copyright law. When you release a song, it’s everywhere. We don’t even earn off releasing our music. So the only way we basically earn money is by performing.”

Irene Ntale however believes that the part of the law which stops artistes performing under the influence of drugs could be a good one but she doesn’t understand how it will be implemented.

“It makes sense but then how are they gonna monitor what people inject themselves with. Are they gonna check our blood?”

Irene Ntale talking about the new proposed regulations on public performances in Uganda

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