Preparing for a concert that will happen through the day and night must be one tiring task and the signs are starting to show on Spice Diana.

With just hours remaining till Spice Diana’s concert, the songstress is starting to show signs of how hard she has been working to give her fans the best of herself.

The concert, which happens on Friday, is expected to start as early as 10am in the morning with gates being opened for children to access the games park at Freedom City Mall.

Performances will go on throughout the day and night and you would imagine the type of rehearsals that one would need to go through to make sure their performance is a success.

From media appearances, to interviews, to tours around the major suburbs, to rehearsals every single day for close over a month, Spice Diana must be feeling the fatigue and her body can not withstand it anymore.

She decided to take some rest off so as to be in perfect shape on the D-Day. She promises to give her fans all that they have ever yearned for.

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