How would the 400 million shillings saga pass by without singer A Pass’ name not being mentioned anywhere. Just imagine how.

At last, we finally learnt how much the Guli Wano singer bagged and hope it is the reason why he had decided to stay tight-lipped about that matter.

Rapper Victor Kamenyo revealed the actual amount of money that A Pass made off with.

To hit the nail the on head Victor Kamenyo revealed that A Pass got a paltry Shs 10,000 of the 400m, the money that has led to controversy which has split artistes apart.

The revelation has however left many in shock wondering how a person of A Pass’ stature could only pocket as little as Shs 10,000 out of such a huge sum.

The Didada singer has not yet replied. Kamenyo should pray he doesn’t come across this.

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