25th January is the date on which Moses Sekibogo Nakintije a.k.a Mowzey Radio was born. Despite his death on February 1st 2018, celebrities continue to celebrate his birthday.

Weasel is probably the first person everybody thinks about when we mention Radio’s name.

It is now a year since the singer last talked to his partner and you can imagine the pain he still goes through each time he wakes up in the morning knowing he has to face the day alone.

He shared the same house, clothes, business, music, everything – they even breathed the same air with Radio on a daily basis. He has spearheaded the birthday celebrations at DNA Lounge tonight.

Weasel tattooed Mowzey Radio’s name on his body

Ykee Benda regards Mowzey Radio as a ‘gift to the nations’. He did not share really much time with the fallen singer but he picked so much inspiration from his music.

Spice Diana worked with Radio and the two were closest towards the end of the latter’s life.

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Ziza Bafana, who collaborated with Mowzey Radio on ‘Byagaana’, released a song in 2018 to remember the fallen singer. He terms him as the ‘unstoppable GENERAL’.

Desire Luzinda worked with Mowzey Radio at a more personal level and the two were friends. She actually noted once that it is the deceased icon that helped her overcome the challenges following her nudity scandal.

Several other tributes continue to flow in as we celebrate one of the greatest Ugandan musicians.

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